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Mango-Date Charoset
Jeffrey Nathan
On the Passover plate, haroset may represent the mortar and bricks the Hebrews used to build the Egyptian pyramids, but this doesn't mean it should look like mud!  My haroset has a bright golden color (thank you, mangoes) and an intriguing exotic flavor that everyone at the table will enjoy – even those picky eaters who have been spreading the same haroset on their matzo for the last few decades.

Passover Bulkies (Popovers)
Frances Stolper
Food Editor's Notes: No matter how many delicacies my mother-in-law serves at the seder (and she is a fantastic cook!), everyone oohs and aahs when she brings these bulkies to the table. They look and taste like popovers, huge and light. She saves these to make right before the seder begins and lets them sit on the counter until they are served.
Chicken Olivia
Diane Bromberg
Food Editor's Note: My foodie colleague Julie Weisman contributed this recipe, which is great for Passover because it can bake in the oven while you're telling the story of the Exodus.  The addition of butternut squash is a nice twist.

Company Stuffed Spuds
Norene Gilletz
Food Editor's Notes:  A wonderful alternative to the traditional Potato Kugel.  They can be prepared in advance and look very elegant when served.  Norene makes these a lot in her catering business – a sure sign that they are easy to make in advance and for a crowd!

Strawberry Rhubarb Compote with Matzah Streusel Topping
Samuel Stolper and Katie Rae Mulvey
Food Editor's notes:  Strawberries and rhubarb make an awesome combination - sweet and tart together - and the streusel mellows the strength of both.  This is a lip-smacking dessert for a seder or any meal!

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