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Tu B'Shvat Salad

Jamie Stolper
Several of the ingredients of this salad are native to Israel and are also among those symbolically incorporated into the Tu B'Shvat seder ritual.  This is a wonderfully unique salad with lots of textures, tastes, and colors.  Be sure to serve this in a large glass bowl to show off its beautiful appearance!

Pomegranate Honey Splash

Norene Gilletz
This is a great salad dressing – strong in flavor and light in fat.  Because it is basically a vinaigrette, but with much less oil than usual, the dressing does indeed "splash" onto the salad.  A little goes a long way! [Pomegranate is one of the 7 species traditionally eaten on Tu B'Shevat.]

Chocolate Date and Nut Cake

Adele Fleet Bacow
This is a moist, light, chocolaty, fantastic cake!  The chopped dates are almost indistinguishable in the final product, but add a subtle flavor and a moistness that is incredible.  The cake looks great, too, with the chocolate bits, nuts, and powdered sugar decorating the top.

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